Samsung allowed a peak at HTC-Apple settlement documents

November 23, 2012
By Loh Ving Sung GooglePlus

A California judge ruled that Apple will have to disclose the details of a confidential settlement agreement between Apple and HTC. Samsung said the documents could influence whether to remove its products off the market following its $1.049 billion verdict Apple won back in August.

The South Korean firm argues that if Apple is willing to license some of its unique user experience patents, then it would not sue for an injunction, as long as Cupertino gets paid for the licensed product in return.

In a filing earlier in the week, Apple's attorneys were willing to share a version of the agreement that blotted out many details including royalties being paid to Samsung.

However, Magistrate Judge Singh Grewal said the court is unwilling to let the companies serve up a heavily censored document because the only people who will read it would be Samsung’s lawyers.

With recent comments by Samsung suggesting that it will be unwilling to settle with Apple, it looks like the December 6th hearing between both companies will be an interesting one. The hearing is expected to work out a few remaining kinks from the August hearing, including a motion from Apple to permanently ban eight Samsung devices in the US.